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The Parish Council has decided to revise the Parish Plan. Published in 2003, the Plan was written to guide the policies of the Parish Council and to influence the decisions of West Berkshire Council and other organisations. The basis for the Plan was a Parish Appraisal with 70 questions covering all aspects of life in Brimpton which sought the views of everyone who lived in the parish. 74% of all households took part and what emerged from the responses was a Plan that has guided decision making for the past 15 years. 

Since the Parish Plan was published there have been changes in the way we live and development within the parish. The Parish Council believes it is time to establish whether the opinions and priorities of residents have changed as well. We anticipate the preparation of the new Plan will be similar to the last one when the work was undertaken by a Steering Committee comprised of nine residents. The new Steering Committee will agree the content of the questionnaire and assess the responses received before drafting the new Plan. 

Whilst the Parish Plan does not have the force of law, it is none-the-less an influential document. It will cover housing and development, highways, sport and social facilities, public transport and the environment. The Steering Committee may wish to extend that list. The questionnaire will not focus on Brimpton as it is now but as you would like it to be and that is why your views will be key to what goes into the Plan.

The Chairman of the Parish Council will be speaking about the Parish Plan at the Annual Parish Meeting in the Village Hall on Tuesday 22 May. The closing date for residents to volunteer to sit on the Steering Committee will be the end of May and from those names the Parish Council will appoint the Chairman at its meeting in June. After that the revision of the Parish Plan is in the hands of both the Steering Committee and of you, as a local resident, through your response to the questionnaire. The Parish Council will be aiming for the draft Plan to be ready in time for the Annual Parish Meeting in May 2019.

If you would like to sit on the Steering Committee please let the Chairman know before 31 May 2018 by emailing